The Roosevelt Wildlife Collection

An Extensive Collection:

The Roosevelt Wildlife Collection housed in Illick Hall is a vertebrate collection containing over 10,000 specimens of birds, mammals, freshwater and marine fishes, reptiles and amphibians. The collection is a result of the efforts by scientists, private collections and students since its beginning in 1919. In the collections early years it was built up from field research conducted throughout New York State. Through numerous acquisitions it now represents many genera found throughout North America.

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A Resource for Research:

The RWC contains both research and teaching materials. The collection supports courses in vertebrate anatomy, taxonomy, wildlife science, herpetology, ornithology, mammalogy, natural history and related courses in the Department of Environmental & Forest Biology. The reference collection is used primarily by faculty and graduate students for purposes connected with their research and study projects.

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The specimen’s data is stored on a computer database and card file system. The database stores information on dates of collection, geographical location, names of collectors, habitat, weather, specimen measurements and other scientific criteria.

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An Educational Tool:

The Roosevelt Wildlife Collection attracts many visitors each year. It supplies specimen loans to researches and educators contributing to public awareness of the importance of the departments on going research. The collection also serves as a reference for public queries which are answered by the collections curator. The curator also teaches a course in museum techniques for ESF students.