Fishes of Palawan

The cyprinid fauna of Palawan are considered depauperate. However, the 2007 discovery of a new species and the collection of potentially undescribed populations warrant further study. Of the ten cyprinids known to Palawan today, eight are endemics. However, their taxonomy, distribution, and conservation status is poorly known while the introduction of exotic Nile tilapia and habitat degradation are emerging threats.

Project Title: Biodiversity of Cyprinid Fishes of Northern Palawan, Philippines

Given that Palawan has few resident ichthyologists conducting freshwater fish research, this project will enable us to 1) address knowledge gaps and educate local people about cyprinid biodiversity and 2) train junior scientists / ichthyologists towards advancement of research and conservation initiatives for Palawan cyprinids.

Location: Palawan Island, Philippines

Timeline: May 2010-December 2011

Field participants:
Lorivel Atrero, Luke Conway, Nate Felix, Eduard Bolen, and Melvin Gutierrez, BS Aquatic Biology and Fisheries students of Western Philippines University (WPU), and select faculty members of WPU

Principal Investigators:
Joie D. Matillano
SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY USA
and Western Philippines University, Puerto Princesa City 5300, Philippines

Benjamin J. Gonzales, Ph. D.
Western Philippines University, Puerto Princesa City 5300, Philippines

Rufford Small Grants Program and IdeaWild

Joie D. Matillano, SUNY ESF
Syracuse, NY 13210 USA, 315/3958247